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If you haven’t heard of Blacks on Blondes before now you must have had your head in the sand for over a decade. Blacks on Blondes is THE name in interracial porn, and has been for about eleven years. It pretty much sets the standard for interracial porn. If what Blacks on Blondes has to offer is what you like, then get on over there, you won’t find a better site. What Blacks on Blondes does, it does well. And when they offer a promotion they offer their blacks on blondes discount well.

Blacks on Blondes features your stereotypical interracial porn. Big black men with huge cocks, bang white women who are in shock and awe at the size of the man meat they are supposed to manage. Sometimes, for variety, the woman’s husband watches in the background of a cock holding video. Oh, and there are gang bangs. Can’t have an interracial porn site without 4 or 5 black men taking it in turns to pound that tiny white pussy to pieces.

If you like stereotypical black men having sex in any imaginable position with stereotypical white women who react stereo typically to the size of the guys dick…you’ll love Blacks on Blondes. It has exactly what you are looking for. If you like your porn with a bit of originality, a bit of variety and porn stars aren’t one dimensional, look elsewhere.

As a porn site, Blacks on Blondes is top notch. The site design is simple, but works. There are hundreds of hours of footage for members to enjoy, and the women come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone. The price is reasonable and the download speeds are great. You won’t find many fancy extras, or member bonuses, but Black on Blondes figures, rightly, that you go there for the porn, not the fancy wallpapers or whatever. And porn they have plenty of. Lots of hot scenes, money shots, and plenty of sex.

Black on Blondes delivers what it promises. Hot interracial porn without any distractions. And from the size of the community and frequent member comments, that’s exactly what their members want to see.