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Partying and fucking are some of the special things you would be doomed if you missed participating in while still in college. It is full of experience, exploration and fun. Well, you don’t have to be in college to experience this pleasure anymore thanks to Dare Dorm. It is a college site exposing the college pleasures college students enjoy.

The fascinating thing about this site is that unlike other porn sites, it is real and the participants are real college students. This gives a unique feeling as you watch any of its content. The college students film themselves while fucking, dude on chick, threesomes and other multiple-fucking, all available in the site. They then post the films on the net and the best one wins a sum of $1000. This college craze has invented a damn crazy site. The site updates in every two weeks so you can be sure that they are not just doing their thing in a random rapid speed.

Dare Dorm is not so big though. It harbors 103 porn videos all with video caps and has cashed out about $10,000 to some high sexed Texas students. The videos are streaming only flicks which is a fail on the site but the good thing is that they run for an average of 50 minutes. Apart from the older flicks, they still look great on screen. They offer HD playback as an option, but the show is still not that impressive as compared to the sites with HD videos.

The evidence to prove the site’s realness is that the participants look young, they are very beautiful and the action is majorly amateur giving it a sense of college students that they are supposed to be. Otherwise, the site can raise some questions for its realness as well, especially when they mention the sites name at the end of action and tell about the RAs and how they could get into trouble. Also, some scenes on the site appear forced.

The videos on the site are great but I must also admit that the site still needs to improve on various grounds: it offers no download option and the updates are very slow. Also, it has no bonus sites except for Muffia that can save the day in this. To receive college sex, fun, and save money, you might want to consider using the Dare Dorm discount on your visit to the site.