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The primary sense of sweet sex is nudity. It is the first image to get to the mind and sets all the sex machines in the body working. MET Art is not the kind of porn site that offers hardcore banging, but it’s the subtle kind that offers soft-core fucking; sort of love making as compared to having sex. It is truly sensual and erotic. The site features renowned porn stars like Peter Dominic, Jacques Bourboulon, Roy Stuart and Tony Wards.

The name of the content s are labeled right on top of the of the menu bar. It is easy to navigate the site since it is well arranged and every content has its section. For instance, contents before 2005 are in the archives while the contents from 2005-2013 have their sections for every year. Other sections are Best of MET, Movies, Artists, Live Cam and Model Index.

Each section contains lots of pictures to view. In 2011, May alone had 125 erotic photos displayed. They are presented both in medium-res and two sizes of high-res viewing. The pictures are awesome and can set one in the mood by a single glance. The site has 13,301 galleries with a large number of erotic photos.

The videos on Met Art are relatively short. They run for 4 – 10 minutes. There are 1,020 pieces of videos which are downloadable and MP4s can also be streamed. The old versions come in old formats unlike the newer versions that are presented in high definition formats. The site is updated frequently like several times in a single day with sexy photos. The pictures are classic and depicts utmost nudity and pornography. There is a search tool available that one can use to search through the preferred contents on the site.

The site upgrades more frequently. It focuses on some of the most sensual sex art that promotes the beauty and pleasure of soft-core sex. If you are looking for something that will softly drive you to another universe at a low cost, apply the Met Art discount and enjoy what they offer: a great quality collection of soft core fucking with great looking beauties.