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Now, when you see the name Playboy, most of us begin to have fond memories of finding them in the bathroom cabinet or going on daring raids into an older sibling’s room to get a look at some hotties’ tits. Playboy Plus tries to evoke that feeling on the web, and fails about as miserably as possible. The first thing that you are going to notice about this site is the price tag. They are a pay per view type online show base with a hefty price tag that will send you to free tube sites without a second thought.

Aside from the price tag since there is a playboy plus discount shown, the website mostly focuses on long term web series’ that tend to focus more upon the acting skills of the girls and less upon the sex that you are paying to see. Their shows are, more or less, soap operas with breasts. Now many people who are adult entertainment specialists will disagree on this point, but honestly, not many people are going to watch a porn site for the acting ability. It can only be compared to going to a hooker for a hug; senseless and expensive.

So if you are looking for real porn, go elsewhere. Or course, in fairness, the quality of the content is great and that should not be overshadowed by anything that is said here. All of the videos are shot in the latest high definition format and they really have a professional group of camera workers and producers who ensure that every shot is the very best that it could be. When it comes to plain videos, they do not have a great deal. Right now they are sitting on about one hundred and fifty videos and in the grand scheme of things, that is not enough.

Playboy Plus has plenty of pictures and exclusive content that is neat for all of those people who have stuck with Playboy through thick and thin. However, there really is not much of a draw here for new users. if you are looking to join the site then you are going to pay $29.99 which is standard to other porn sites, but you really will not get anything out of this money that you cannot get anywhere else. Overall, Playboy made a bad attempt to remain relevant in the world of technologically driven adult entertainment, and perhaps they can be re-evaluated in the future to greater effect.