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Supposedly “little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice,” but once they grow up, many women enjoy being naughty. Playboy TV, started in 1982, continues the magazines long tradition of show casing sexy women who aren’t afraid to be naughty. While Playboy TV started out with the same soft-core focus as the magazine, over time it’s evolved to include more and more hardcore porn, and it’s associated website, Playboy TV, has even more.

Playboy TV isn’t afraid be playful, having fun with some spooky tales in Sexy Urban Legends, but it also pulls out televisions new-old standby, the reality show, with Brooklyn Kinda Love. It has unscripted comedy on The Stash and even pulled out some classic sexploitation movies to replay for modern audiences. Playboy TV does censor onscreen ejaculating and anal sex, so it can air in jurisdictions that restrict the kind of sex that tv is allowed to display. Aside from these restrictions, just about any kind of sex-focused show a straight man could imaginably want can be found on this channel including a playboy tv discount too.

That key phrase, ‘straight man’ is the channels one weakness, the same weakness Playboy has always had. Those naughty women are their so much so they can enjoy themselves, as so straight men can enjoy ogling them. Women, enjoying sex for it’s own sake, or anyone wanting to see sexy men? Not in Playboy’s world. Or at least, not until recently.

In what may be an effort to correct it’s long standing exclusionary practices, or may be a pragmatic realization that a lot of couples enjoy watching porn together, so let’s not drive away half the possible viewer base, Playboy TV has recently introduced TV for 2, with shows designed to appeal to straight men and women, presumably watching together. It’s at least a step in the right direction, and a lot of porn-loving women who enjoy sharing sexy times with their men are hoping Playboy TV keeps up the good work.

Playboy TV is far from perfect, but it’s fun, sexy, original programming that a guy (and sometimes gal) can get off to, or just enjoy watching for the laughs. Cause there’s nothing in this world funnier than a good “O” face.